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Music and Writing

Aurore Sibley is a writer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in California. Her original songs are available on all streaming platforms and for purchase on BandCamp. 


Aurore's writing has appeared in The Molotov Cocktail Award Anthology and Lilipoh magazine as well as numerous small presses and online publications. She is a contributing writer to The Idea Crucible and her poetry chapbooks, The Heart is Not a Pump and All These Little Remonstrations are available through Finishing Line Press. 


Recent Publications

  • Music and publications by Aurore Sibley 


Weather Whiplash 

Poetry, The Write Launch, June, 2023


All These Little Remonstrations

"Poet Aurore Sibley is capable of bringing the lamb out of the fire, of casting shadows out of ghosts, of constructing a miracle, and she does so beautifully in her collection All These Little Remonstrations. 
- Candice Balish Kelsey

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Features & Reviews


Feature on Book of Song

Good Times


April, 2021

Feature on Book of Song

Sonoma Index Tribune

First Friday: An Agatha Maguire Mystery

By Eliza West

When a client dies under suspicious circumstances at her clinic's open house, Agatha Maguire turns her skills towards sleuthing.

Set in the city of Santa Cruz, First Friday is a study of human psychology and the heart, but take head when you follow the line of tension to its source. Hypnogogic hallucinations, love triangles and financial deception abound as she unravels the ways in which her clients' secrets intertwine.

Aurore also writes under the pen name Eliza West. 

first friday-front.jpeg
Notebook and Pen

"Every act of perception, is to some degree an act of creation, and every act of memory is to some degree an act of imagination."

Oliver Sacks

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